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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Impeach Melba

I'm listening to a podcast of a show on the New York NPR station from this week. Michael Ratner, one of the guys who was part of the discussion that I wrote about yesterday is laying out his arguments for impeachment. And--I really hate to say this--I'm torn.

I shouldn't be, I don't think. I mean, I think Bush and his cronies are doing their damnedest to erode our civil liberties and line the pockets of the men who put them in power. I think he's making it easier for corporations to ruin our environment. I think he's making policy decisions in the "war on terror" that will leave him and others in his administration guilty of war crimes. I think he's the worst president we have ever had. Ever. And every day that he's in office, he's making things worse.

I'll go a step further and say that I agree with Ratner that a lot of what Bush has done is impeachable. However, I don't know if I agree that he should be impeached.

See, for years now, ever since Clinton took office and the Democrats lost control of congress, the only real thing that either party has done has been attempting to fuck the other side. They have spent so much time, so much effort, so much of our money trying to stick it to each other, that they've done a piss poor job of running the country. Let me illustrate things with a metaphor:

Let's say a set of conjoined twins need to walk down the street. But, instead of concentrating on working together to move themselves forward, they're using their energy to kick and hit one another. They're not getting done what they need to get done. Plus, everyone else on the street is looking at them and saying, "Wow. Those guys are assholes." Now, if we alter the metaphor to say that the conjoined twins are also retarded, we've pretty much summed up our government.

I think that most people on the left will agree that the Republican-led impeachment of Clinton was a fucking farce. They fished and fished for something to go after him for and they were so fucking desperate that they ended up going with "lying about a blowjob". This time, the Democrats really don't have to fish. They are essentially sitting in the middle of Red Lobster with a wait staff that could serve them up twenty-three different swordfish dishes.

But this just perpetuates the "fuck you, no fuck you" sort of mentality that's been screwing us up so badly. We impeach Bush and then they impeach whoever we put in, then we impeach whoever they put in. What the Democrats need to do is to get a crowbar, remove their heads from their asses and start putting some thought into smart policy to serve as a viable alternative to what the GOP is selling. Don't win over public opinion by ripping up the other guy. Do it by coming up with ideas so good that people will want to elect you.

And again, don't get me wrong: I would love nothing more than to see W. out of office and in front of a war crimes tribunal for all the fucked-up shit that he's done. I don't want him in office one more day. But we need to change the mindset in our nation. We need to move forward instead of kicking each other in the ass.

Joe is right. Actually Joe is left, but I agree with him. Any President who consistently mispronounces the word "nuclear", as in, "We're gonna smoke 'em outta their holes see, cause they got nookooler weapons..heh, heh"..should expect nothing more from the general thinking population of the entire civilized fucking world than completed and total disdain. In short, Joe says fuck you, I say no, fuck you too Bush. (And last time I checked, I could have sworn I was a Republican) In 2008 my vote is going to the Common Sense Party. They'll be easy to recognize because they will be the ones acting and not talking.
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