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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh, One More Thing

Hey folks,

Just in case anyone still checks this site--a long shot, I know--you can now follow me on Twitter. Yes, about five years after everyone else, I've started to tweet, or whatever the fuck you call it. My Twitter name is HairshirtJoe. Plain old "Hairshirt" was taken. Ain't that a bitch?

Now, I know fucking nothing about Twitter and how it works, but I've managed to successfully "tweet" twice without soiling myself, and I intend to try doing it on a more or less daily basis, I guess. Maybe.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with you, former bloggy friends. Onward! Into the next decade! And shit.

Dearest Joe, after ignoring your blogspot for several years now, I've decided to come back into the fold, not because I'm interested, but because I'm concerned about your mental health and I believe that these heretofore insights may help me to uncover the true nature of your alarming malady. My first recommendation is 'please do not Tweet' especially about bodily functions and incontinence. Poop is cool, but like farts, only your own poop/farts are cool, and preferably in private. BTW, do you know what a 'dutch oven' is??
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