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Sunday, October 05, 2014


I Sense Some Disturbing Shit in the Force

I keep a blog for my science classes. Someplace for families to go to look for information on what we're doing in class; resources to help them study; shout-outs to students who excel. That kind of stuff. To make sure that families weren't going to last year's website by mistake, I decided this morning to put one last post on the old blogs with links to the new ones.

Being an utter geek, I decided to use the above picture and the title "This Is Not the Blog You're Looking for." (I have gotten in the habit of just letting my geek side run wild on these blogs. They're filled with superheroes and movie quotes. I'm trying to make sure my students have absolutely no respect for me.)

To find this picture, I typed the original quote into Google and hit "images."

Somewhere around a quarter of the images are of busty gals in droid swimsuits or with just vaguely robotic lines painted on them.

What the hell, Star Wars fans?!? Why? Why do you want to sully the work of Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker with your soft-core smut? Aren't there already enough places to find that sort of thing without going to Tatooine?

Let me try to get my head around this: The original Star Wars universe only had a couple of ladies. Slave-girl Leia is only going to be useful in your erotic imagination for so long and there is no way to turn Aunt Beru into a sex fantasy.

So what these people are doing is, instead of looking OUTSIDE of the Star Wars universe to, say, millions and millions of other "sexy lady" types, they're looking at R2D2 and thinking, "I'd hit that."

Are there even creepier pictures out there of, like, Slutty Yoda or Sexy Greedo? *shudder*

Please, Jedis, please, find some other way to get your jollies. Don't make me associate the word "jiggly" with funny little robot guys.