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Sunday, June 12, 2016


It Boils Down to This

I have spent a whole lot of time today thinking of a way to phrase my feelings about the seemingly unending series of horrific acts of violence committed by people with guns in our country so as not to offend the people I know who believe deeply in the Second Amendment.

I am not entirely sure why I've been doing this.

Because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how reasonable an argument I make. It doesn't matter how clear I am that I respect reasonable gun ownership. It doesn't matter if I make salient points about just how unnecessary and ludicrous assault weapons are. None of it matters.

Gun advocates will not debate on realistic, reasonable terms. They will talk about the slippery slope. They will deflect the argument and point at the mental health system or some imagined mistake of President Obama or terrorism or Islam or anything but the actual issue at hand.

And so, because an actual substantive debate is nearly impossible, I'll just go ahead and boil it down to the simplest form I can: fuck you and your fucking gun rights. If you think assault weapons are an okay thing, let's go ahead and shove a few of them up your fucking ass.

If we have fewer ways to kill a lot of people at once, we would have fewer ways to kill a lot of people at once. Period.


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