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Friday, July 23, 2004


Misery Loves Company

Welcome to Hairshirt, your site for enjoyable misery.

On this site, you will not find the writings of some guy who believes every thought that squirts out of his brain to hold deep universal truths. You will not find anti-government screeds, unless they are in some sort of humorous form; for example, "Q: How many presidents does it take to change a lightbulb? A: George Bush is a fucking idiot!" You will not find a day-to-day log of my struggle to make it in this soul-crushing world, because I don't try that hard to make it and even I don't find it interesting. You will not find naked pictures. There's enough of those online as is.

I'm a writer living in New York City. I don't have a writing job, I have a teaching job, hence the misery. My wife is preparing to take the Bar Exam, hence more misery. My sketch comedy group never performs because we're painfully shy. My chest hair has turned grey. One of my least favorite people on the planet is achieving massive success. The Cleveland Indians haven't won a championship in fifty-plus years. The American movie-going public seems to think that Sleepover is a good idea. Life sucks.

Which is why I need an outlet through which I can channel the river of crap that is life. And I thank you for being on the receiving end.


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