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Monday, July 26, 2004



Tomorrow and Wednesday, my lovely wife is taking the bar exam. I have absolutely nothing funny to say about the bar exam, really. Except maybe, "Hey, I took the bar exam. I aced the peanuts, but they took points off for puking."

See? It's just not a funny thing. So I've got this request: If you think of it tomorrow and Wednesday between 9AM and 4:30PM, please send up a pleasant thought for my wife doing extremely well. I already have no doubt that she will, but it can't hurt to have good thoughts and/or happy voodoo on your side.

And while you're sending up positive thoughts, wish for something nice for yourself. 'Cause you've been working hard, too.

The really, very sad thing is that I didn't actually get that joke (the bar, the peanuts, the ha ha) because one who is studying for the bar has little or no sense of humor. It was an absolutely horrendous experience that is thankfully (and perhaps, unfortunately, momentarily) over. I'm not hopeful about the results, but I can live in ignorant bliss for the next couple of months.
--The Wife.
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