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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Round Goddamn Two

A petulant, whiny frat boy. A sixth-grade rich kid who believes he won the spelling bee despite having misspelled "the" because his mom bought him a nicer suit than the scholarship student who spelled "tachycardia." The kindergartner who thinks he can convince you that you broke Aunt Gertie's lamp if he believes it hard enough himself. This is the person who some people are actually trying to argue won the debate last night.

(Allow me to take just a moment here to express a bit of self-knowledge. I am such a geek that I dragged my wife home from an evening in New York City, a lovely autumn evening which we could have spent doing any one of a million fun, fantastic things, to watch fucking Bush and Kerry on TV. Back to bitching about Bush.)

I will concede a few points. His handlers made sure he kept his mind on his facial expressions. He had significantly fewer ten second blank drooling stares. He didn't look quite as actively stupid during some of last night's debate as he did for the entirety of the first one.

Not that he looked smart. He trotted out the same fucking "You can run, but you can't hide" wannabe sound bite that he used about the fucking terrorists. Is Karl Rove actually attempting to subliminally equate John Kerry with Al-Qaida in the voters' minds? That's so fucking retarded. Then there were the bald face lies about everything from his administration's record on the environment to the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq to his heroism in giving Science a handful of old shitty stem cell lines while simultaneously tossing the collective salad of the religious right.

Mostly, though, what got to me was the arrogance. My fucking god, this is the most arrogant man to ever exist outside of cautionary tales primitive people used to make up to teach people not to be arrogant. If Bush was a character in myth, he would definitely be having his wax wings melt or falling in love with his own reflection or having his hair turn to snakes.

Did you see the miserable prick? How he practically screamed at the audience when they deigned to question his judgment in going after Saddam Hussein? His self-loving smirk when he was trying to get off a charming laugh line? His twenty-per-second blinking when Kerry got him really mad? This is the kind of fuckbag who would rape a passed-out girl at a frat party, then flick cigarette butts at her as she was trying to leave the next morning. This is the best example you will ever see of someone whose parents should have, at least one goddamn time while they were raising him, said "No."

I mean, for the love of weeping Jesus, the man refused to admit that he has made one single goddamn mistake since he was "elected." That he wouldn't name the three that the lady asked for, I can understand. I might not be able to come up with three things I was willing to eat a little crow for on national and international television myself. But not one? To instead say that some of the people you'd appointed weren't the greatest? What kind of douchebaggery is that? The buck, apparently, does not stop here. The buck never comes anywhere near here.

I am not unbiased. I freely admit that. But you cannot tell me that this was a draw. This man is stupid and dangerous. We can and should remove him from power. Please, please let us do this on November 2.

I just you should know that you've acquired a blogstalker in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Whee!
Welcome, Steve. I am a great admirer of Canada and am very fond of your cleanliness and your candy bars.
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