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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Wife Appreciation Day

This will not be funny. This will not contain any even marginal insight into the goings on of the greater part of the world. This might even make a few people nauseous. You do not have to read it. You've been warned.

I love my wife. I think she is lovely, smart, friendly, loyal, stubborn and funny. She is a wonderful poet. She makes my favorite cookies in the world. She is one of the best photographers I have ever seen, capturing fantastic moments and bringing forth personalities without any ostentation or broadcasting, "Hey this is art! Did you notice that this is art?" She has a huge heart.

My wife taught me to ski, to drive a stick-shift, to ride a bicycle, to eat with chopsticks, to enjoy travel, to overcome my neuroses and to stand a little better on my own. She constantly pushes me to do more than I think I can. I would not be half of the man I am without her.

She moved all the way across the country, leaving her family and friends behind, to put herself through three years of school that I wouldn't have been able to take for one. She had the discipline to stay in studying night after night. In New York City! One of the most exciting places on the planet and she's barricading herself indoors with goddamn law books.

She did this for the same reason I'm teaching. She did it to make our lives better. To give us a bit more financial security, now that we're no longer in our twenties, when it was okay to have bookshelves made of bricks and boards and to eat frigging raman noodles. This was not an easy thing. I am so filled with admiration for her.

I am writing this because it's something I don't say often enough.

Tomorrow, I will go back to the fart jokes and the non-stop cursing. Thank you.

how damn sweet. please send my regards to your lady--tbo
She is quite a catch, Joe. Reminds me of a female version of the late Mr. Garrett.
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