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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Only 1300 Shopping Days Left...

News today about Republican strategist Arthur Finkelstein, who has started a group called Stop Her Now, aimed at derailing a presidential run by Senator Hillary Clinton in 2008. Meanwhile, debate rages among Democrats about who the party's strongest candidate is going to be. There are those that would like to see Al Gore take another shot after the debacle that was the 2000 election. Many feel that John Edwards is far too ambitious to go back to private life after his failed 2004 veep run. Then there are perennial candidates Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt, who some Democrats feel are still viable options. Others feel that the party needs to go with fresher blood, like that of junior senator Barak Obama. Obama's detractors feel that he'll still be too new on the national political seen in the next election and should wait for 2012. There are even those in the party who think a popular political neophyte, perhaps a Hollywood actor like Alec Baldwin, should step up and put their money where their mouth is.

My feeling on all of this is...

IT'S FUCKING 2005! We just goddamn had an election! Why in the name of ping pong playing Christ is there any speculation about the next presidential election?

Are there not things that need to be done right here and now? Are there seriously people out there who are thinking, "Well, everything's running smoothly. Let's start worrying about someone who won't take office for almost four fucking years." This is basically like taking some time to plan what you're going to make for dinner tomorrow when you're in the middle of a car crash.

The Democrats need to be spending every second they have, every ounce of energy in their bodies, to stop President Chumbucket from moving forward on any one of the thirty or forty horrible ideas he's trying to implement. 'Cause you know who I'm going to vote for in 2008? I'm going to vote for anyone who does their best to minimize the damage caused by that twangy bastard. Don't tell me how you're going to fix things when you take over the oval office. Tell me what you're going to do right now to stem the tide.

This is where we're at in American politics. Both sides are too goddamn busy worrying about their own asses to remove their heads from them. The only thing that counts is getting elected and then re-elected and then re-elected and so on. Here's some advice: show some goddamn backbone, do the job we send you to do and then you won't have to fucking worry about being re-elected, because we'll actually want you to stick around.