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Sunday, May 01, 2005


One Last Pope Bit

Okay, I promise I'll stop writing about this guy, but this morning I couldn't resist. While lying in bed, listening to Weekend Edition, I was informed that the new pontiff appeared at the window of his apartment. A little later, I was looking at the NY Times site and I found a picture with a story, confirming that, yes, the pope went to his apartment's window and looked out.

This got me thinking. What other exciting things is the new pope doing? So I reviewed the tapes from my 24/7 Pope-Cam and here's what his holiness has been up to:
  • Watered the official Holy See ficus tree.
  • Loaded the papal dish washer, making sure to scrape some dried mashed potatoes off of a holy plate.
  • Went to the Vatican City 7-11 to pick up smokes and a Maxim.
  • Had a few of the cardinals over to watch Desperate Housewives. Angelo Sodano brought his Seven Layer Dip.
  • Rearranged the furniture in the Holy Bedroom; he'd gotten sick of barking the papal shin on his desk chair when he got up at night to visit the little pontiff's room.
  • Had to have a guy come in to look at the papal p.c. because he'd been having problems sending e-mail.
  • Decided he could go another day without doing his holy laundry, taking a chance by recycling a pair of socks that he'd only worn for half a day because he slept in really late.
  • Tried to get himself going on a papal exercise routine, but gave up after he had a hard time doing twenty push-ups.
It's been a really exciting first week as pope.

c'mon, man...just one more.
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