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Monday, June 13, 2005


Amsterdamned Redux

I wrote a few months ago about the trip my wife and I took to Amsterdam last summer. I wrote a bit about the flyer for the Christian Youth Hostel where we stayed. Thanks to great leaps forward in technology, I have now scanned--wait, I should clarify here--my wife has now scanned the front of this flyer and I present it here to you. Please take a moment to read the previous post and then take a look at the flyer. I believe, if you look above the W in "Welcome", you'll see what I'm talking about.

Those Christians have a weird sense of...well, I don't know if I'd call it humor or what, but man. They're weird.

Flyer for The Shelter Posted by Hello

Hahaha. I saw that in the pic before I read the post. Oh the irony.
I read this post before the post it referenced, and I made a little game with myself to divert my attention from the usual game of "try to invent reasons to live while at work."

This game was: try and find the joke.

I thought the joke would be the extremely phallic canal post. I mean, it includes everything except a little bit of bird droppings right on the very tip.

I want to meet this artist.
Well, although the dogshit proved to be much more funny and interesting I must confess I too saw the "phallic canal post" first.
My conclusion..... I DEFINATLEY need to get laid more.

: P

Thanx for laughs as usual!
It says X X X on the post.

just caught that in my last reviw...

to the artist: "maybe your not so sly guy."

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