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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Space Dad

The dual suns of Arctura 5 began to fade behind the ship. Dad breathed a sigh of relief. He'd never admit it to the crew, but there had been a moment, during that seemingly infinite stretch of time when the Cladulon assassin had them pinned down, when Dad himself had felt despair. He'd come close to panic. What brought him back from the edge, what always brought him back, was the knowledge that he was responsible for the lives and safety of his crew.

Cadet Junior looked up from the Navi-Puter. "Captain Dad! Captain Dad, can you come here a moment?"

Dad strode over to the console, glad to have something on which he could focus besides his recent brush with un-Captainy behavior. The young cadet pointed to the screen.

"What's the problem, cadet?" Dad asked in his usual confident manner.

"Well, sir, I was just logging in the coordinates for the trip to Remulac 7 and I noticed that some of our settings are off." The cadet sounded shaky.

"Could your calculations be off, cadet?" Dad was worried. It wasn't like Cadet Junior to make errors.

"No, Captain. I double-checked my figures."

Dad smiled. If he knew Cadet Junior, he'd probably quadruple-checked those figures. "Has anyone else had access to the Navi-Puter?"

Junior checked the log. "Yessir. Ensign Sis relieved me at 09:30."

Dad had Ensign Sis paged to the bridge. He brought her to the console. "Ensign, did you make any adjustments to the Navi-Puter when you relieved Cadet Junior?"

The ensign's eyes blazed with anger. "Negative, Captain, I--"

Junior cut her off. "That's nonsense, sir! Sis was the only one who could have--'

"Listen, Junior, I didn't touch one stupid thing on your stupid--"

Captain Dad had had enough. "That's enough! If the two of you don't stop this, I will turn this ship around! I don't care who did it, I want the two of you to work together to get it fixed. Immediately!"

Dad turned on his heels and walked to his quarters. He poured himself a glass of space-bourbon. Sometimes being a captain was a lot of responsibility.

Did you invent this yourself? I like science fiction, do you know "The invincible" of Stanislaw Lem? Great!
A mind is a beautiful thing. A mind with an imagination is a powerfully beautiful thing.
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