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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Well Shit

Anne Bancroft died last night.

Bancroft was such a wonderful, funny actress. Aside from The Graduate, which alone would earn her a spot in the annals of film history, she did fantastic--never showy--work in Agnes of God, To Be or Not to Be, Home for the Holidays, Keeping the Faith and any number of other movies which I haven't seen but in which I'm certain she was brilliant.

She and her husband Mel Brooks did a scene in the most recent season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which they re-did, almost line for line, a scene from The Producers. The idea is a little shaky, but they made it work so fucking well; when I watched it, I actually peed a little.

Anne Bancroft shouldn't die. Why the hell couldn't Melanie Griffith kick it instead?

Aw, shit.

Ah Damn. I hadn't heard. Yeah, Bancroft was a class act. She shone in any role, even in second-rate fare like 'Malice'.

I'll always remember Brooks honouring his wife by telling the audience that he taught her everything he knew about comedy and she taught him everything she knew about serious acting....mostly in the evenings.

She'll be missed.
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