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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Everything and Everyone Sucks

I can't take any more. I've been reading story after story after story about the devastation in the Gulf Coast region and how local, state and federal authorities fucked up utterly. I loathed Bush before this. I'm hoping that the fact that so completely bungled this wakes more of the country up to the fact that we've got Gomer Pyle's brain-damaged cousin in the White House.

It's overwhelming. So I'm going to turn off the computer and go watch The Sound of Music or something else that's uplifting. Oh, wait, The Sound of Music is about Nazis. Okay, well, maybe Forrest Gump. Oh, shit. That one has a retarded guy whose wife dies from AIDS. Finding Nemo? No, another dead wife there. Christ, this is tougher than I thought. Oh! Porn! I'll watch some porn! Nothing restores one's faith in humanity like porn! It brings people closer together.

Before I go, though, just a quick and random sighting from this morning: I was walking my dogs and I saw a construction vehicle, a cherry picker of some sort, driving down the street. On the side of the truck, they'd painted "Putzmeister." Now, that's obviously not something you paint on your truck without realizing the statement you're making. What kind of self-hating bugger would take the time and energy to paint that on their truck? This is someone who apparently thinks, "Y'know, I really hate myself. How can I make sure that everyone who sees me knows just what kind of worthless bastard I am?" Man. As depressed as I am at the moment, at least I'm not painting self-hating phrases on my bike.

Interesting post. But not everyone sucks. The last fucktard I was with didn't. So....back to Katrina, yah that sucks.
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