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Thursday, September 29, 2005


What to Get the Luminary Who Has Everything

I'm a big fan of the Wish List. So often, I don't have the faintest fucking clue what to buy someone and I go to Amazon and suddenly it's like, "Oh, shit! Of course! They like books they can place on their coffee tables and pretend to have read when people come over!" And then I buy one for them. Before Amazon, people had to expend energy thinking of what to buy their friends and family. Thank God those days are over.

While surfing around through the world of Amazon Wish Lists, I stumbled upon a number of lists for people of the famous persuasion and I thought I'd share some of their selections with you in case you were planning on getting them something.
  • John Roberts--The Idiot's Guide to Running the Supreme Court and the DVD box set Matlock: The Complete First Season.
  • Kate Moss--What Color Is Your Parachute?
  • George Bush--The Pet Goat II: The Goat Strikes Back and Toto's Greatest Hits on CD.
  • Michael Brown--The Big Book of Disaster Management.
  • Tom DeLay--How to Avoid Getting Ass-Raped in Prison and Influence People.
  • Karen Hughes--Oppressive Muslim Men and the Women Who Love Them.
  • Jennifer Garner--What to Expect When You're Expecting the Baby of a Talentless Douchebag.
  • Hillary Clinton--The Best of Penthouse Forum (gift for Bill?)
  • Dick Cheney--Chicken Soup for the Fascist Soul.
  • Jesus Christ--50 Quick and Easy Fondues.
And there you have it. Shopping for your favorite public figures made easy. Don't forget to have it shipped via FedEx if you want it there in a timely manner.

I had a feeling Jesus was into fondue.
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