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Thursday, November 17, 2005


He's a Bad Murtha- - (Hush Yo Mouth)

Apparently, there's a Democrat who's grown back his testicles. John Murtha from the Great State of Pennsylvania introduced a bill today calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and he vehemently criticized the administrations policies, stopping just short of calling them a bunch of chickenshit pansy dickwads. I, for one, wish he'd gone that extra tiny step.

Now, I'm not saying that I think pulling all of our troops now is the right thing to do. We've left a steaming pile of insurrection in Iraq and we need to pick it up and clean the carpet before leaving, but we at least need to call the cab. (See, in this analogy, America is a person who was in a friend's house for some reason and got poop on the carpet and has someplace else to be--apparently traveling by taxi, the calling of which would be a metaphor for setting a schedule for withdrawal. Probably, I shouldn't use analogies so weak that they require an explanation twice as long as the sentences in which they appear.)

But at the very least, it's heartening to know that somebody's stood up and raised that middle finger at Bush & friends.

Immediately after Murtha spoke, a clowncar-full of Republicans jumped in front of microphones to drown him out. One guy actually said something along the lines of, "Now is not the time to criticize the war." Really? When, then, would be a good time for you? Maybe we can pencil that in. Perhaps when another 2000 Americans have died? How about when the rest of the world is so completely disgusted with us that they decide they should get together and kick our ass?

This--right now--is the time to criticize. To protest. To shout in the fucking streets that things are fucked up and getting fucked upper. Here's hoping there's a whole shitload of people even more disgusted than me out there.

Haven't had the time to read your blogs yet, but I caught a glimpse of Milk and Cheese, god I love them. "Dairy Products Gone Bad"...
Yeah, I'm a fan from way back. Cheese is like a god to me.
This--right now--is the time to criticize. To protest. To shout in the fucking streets that things are fucked up and getting fucked upper.

In the sense that Bush&Co. are down and need some serious kicking, sure. however, the rancor should've been going on for at least two years. fucking pussies.

ps - Merv Griffin!
This shit is ALL fucked up.
If you pricks would have voted for me, none of this would be an issue. I would have already singlehandedly stomped out the war in, I mean singlefootedly stomped.., er, well I would have stopped the war with whichever appendage I wasn't using at the time to molest a physically challenged minority youth. Hey, equal rights, right? Who's with me? Popik in '09, motherfuckers!!
Well, actually, three years ago was the time to criticize... but now would be good, too.
Sorry, I don't think I was clear enough, Beigey and Super Goddess. It's BEEN time to protest. What I'm saying is, it's absolute bullshit to say that now is not the time. I'm just not saying it very eloquently.
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