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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Twisted Sister

Busy, busy evening ahead of me as grades are due at my school and I'm heading into heavy rehearsals for A Shitty Christmas Carol.

I wanted, however, to take a minute to note that Tom Cruise fired his sister today as his publicist.

This is, to me, a bit like FEMA shitcanning Michael Brown after he fucked up with Katrina. The damage has already been done and Tom's public image is every bit as ravaged as the worst parts of New Orleans. This is probably a switch that he should've made before he jumped up and down on that couch.

So now, is he expecting that his new publicist is going to be able to make the world forget all the crazy stupid shit Tom's done? Does Cruise actually think that bringing in fresh blood is going to make his relationship with Katie Holmes plausible? Tom, Tom, Tom. You crazy (literally) bastard.