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Monday, February 20, 2006


I Love George W. Bush

Hello and happy Presidents' Day! The day when we get to celebrate what a wonderful, wonderful president we have. I'm so happy about our president! I wish he'd been president for my entire life! It's so great how he's so interested in alternative energy sources! It's almost like he didn't spend the first five years of his presidency with the oil industry's dick in his mouth. I love him! Yay for Bush! Yay!

Bear in mind that I'm writing this from Seattle, where I flew yesterday to surprise my wife, who's been here for almost a week. So I'm in a pretty good mood and more inclined to cut Georgie Boy some slack.

Under normal circumstances, not even the tremendous sentiment that Presidents' Day always brings out would stop me from harping on about what a completely evil pile of diseased monkey shit I think Bush is and from going on and on about all of the truly horrific things he's done/doing to fuck up our country.

But not today. Today, all I can say is, you're doing a heck of a job, Bushie.

Someone got laid. that's funny!
With a bit of luck, he'll be our President forever after. All he's gotta do is change a few laws here, dice up a few liberal there, and bam! -- we've got a President for Life.
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