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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Ron Rotts! Ron Rotts!

You know, I don't know why, but I can't hear Don Knotts' name without thinking of the time he guest-starred on The Scooby Doo Movies. I just can't.

And now he's gone and I can't help thinking that this is one guy who ought to have a funny tombstone. Y'know? Something along the line of "The Bullet is Still in his Pocket". Or maybe they could use this headline from a paper in Sydney. As much as I'm sure that Mr. Knotts didn't mind being identified with his most famous character, I'm betting he would have chosen a different epitaph than that.

And so I can think of no better farewell than quoting Scooby once again: "Ron Rotts! Ron Rotts!"

I didn't realize he had died. How sad.

And you didn't bother to let us know if you've changed your mind about going to the comic book convention. You are going to go, right?
"Skinny, lovable nerd dies."

Goddamn it. Who are we?

I'd already decided not to go and then I read online reports that said the place was a clusterfuck. This was the first year for this convention and, apparently, they did not realize that they'd have this many fans come out, so about 10,000 people had to wait outside in the cold for hours or be turned away entirely. That's a lot of pissed off, bitter geeks. I'm glad I skipped it.

In the words of William "The Refrigerator" Perry, "We are the Bears, shufflin' through. Shufflin' on down, doin' it for you." Profound!
Still, I would like to see what all they would have in one.
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