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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Tonight's Burning Question:

Who the hell decided that it would be better if, instead of just wearing skates that looked like skates, women figure skaters should stretch their pantyhose down over the outside of their boots so it looks like they've got hideously misshapen feet with blades growing out of them?

Is this the first step on the road to some futuristic world in which skaters are genetically engineered to just have organic blades that are a real part of their bodies?

Hmm...mutant skaters. Tonya Harding could lead them!

The skin colour clothing that some wear are also rather interesting...
At first I thought this was one of those "jokey" posts with a funny, Photoshopped picture in it.

Then I saw, to my horror, the truth.
This is what happens to old cheerleaders on their way to being flight attendents! Just throw a blue skirt on them and there ya go American Airlines...
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