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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Spring Kvetching

How do we, as human beings, acquire so much shit? Doing a little cleaning today and I'm just astounded by the sheer amount of crap we have. It seems like I've taken endless loads of stuff to the Goodwill in the nearly four years since we filled the apartment up with everything we brought with us from Seattle. We've made a conscious effort to pare down a bit. We've carted suitcases full of books to Strand Bookstore's purchasing desk (usually to be told by the snotty buyer that we didn't have "anything that interesting" or that he couldn't take this or that cookbook because it had a crease in the jacket). We hauled two metric tons of clothes all the way to the Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg last month to clear out some space in our closets. (They bought three things, which brought us to the conclusion that we need to go out and buy some hipper clothes and see if they'll buy those.)

All of this determined effort to get rid of stuff and we still have literal piles of stuff heaped atop our dressers, desks and pretty much every other flat, non-moving surface.

When I worked in the nursing home industry, I visited the homes of a number of our patients, often to help them prepare to give up their residences for good. One lady's apartment had devolved into a veritable rat's warren of paper mounds and canned goods, through which she had left a path wide enough to move through. I don't want that. I don't need some perfect feng shui, minimalist home. I don't want a living room that consists of a metal couch and a planter.

But neither do I want to have to move something every time I wish to sit. Is it possible to have a happy medium?

*Deep, heavy sigh*

Cool people keep their stuff in a constant state of dishevelment.
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