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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Phone Tag

The last few days, I've seen General Michael Hayden and George Bush saying over and over that the NSAs various domestic spying programs are legal and that they don't in any way impinge on our civil liberties. And I have to wonder: do they have trouble not giggling when they say shit like that?

Warrantless wiretapping and the wholesale collection of phone records are such blatant invasions of Americans' privacy that you have to wonder how an angry mob hasn't stormed the White House with torches and pitchforks. Maybe Bush is a mutant. Maybe he has some kind of super-hypnosis power with which he controls the minds of his base.

What other explanation, really, can there be? Can the American people really have grown so stupid and complacent that their government can essentially say, "Yeah, we're going to stick this lojack up your ass so that we can monitor you at all times in case you intend to provide picnic lunches to known terrorists" and nobody in the opposition party or the press really calls them on it?

I suppose we have. I'm included in that, by the way. One of the phone companies which stopped sodomizing their customers' wallets long enough to hand over phone records is Verizon, who provide my wife and I with our wireless service. That should piss me off so much that I throw my phone in the East River and sign up with Cingular. But I haven't.

It's easier to just tsk-tsk and go on about business as usual. It's a pain in the ass to take an action that makes a statement. Especially during May Sweeps. I mean, how am I going to watch the season finales of Lost and The Amazing Race if I'm busy organizing a protest?

So I guess I'll just continue to take my Soma and occasionally bitch about things. God, I'm a putz.

And I have to wonder: do they have trouble not giggling when they say shit like that?

I often wonder how Bush made it through his inaugural affirmation without snickering like a michevious pre-teen.

"I do solemnly swear..heh..that I will faithfully execute the office of...hch hcgh...President of the..hch...excuse me...sorry...of United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect...hcgghhhh...and de-de-defend the Constitution of the United...oh GOD! I'm sorry but this is just too funny! LOL ROFLMAO!!!11!"
I find it ironic that American women and men are dying for Iraqi freedom while our president keeps taking Americans' freedom away.
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