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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Batshit Crazy

Today, I'm feeling a bit like Alice after she chased that white rabbit down the hole. It's like the whole country has started taking crazy pills.

We're having the usual election year bullshit about a flag-burning amendment. It's nothing new. They do it every fucking time. But this year, the crazy pills are in full effect and there's actually a chance they're going to pass the fucking thing. What the fuck? This is like jokingly hitting on your 80-year-old payroll secretary for months and months and then one day she drops trou and says, "Go for it." It's not something you ever really meant to do. You just did it as a lark. The actual thought is kind of repellent.

Okay, there's got to be a less sexist analogy out there, but I'm too fucking lazy to think of it.

I've never thought of George W. Bush as a particularly level-headed fella, but he's sounding even more off his rocker this week. On NPR this morning, there was a story about North Korea. They were talking about Bush reasons for not wanting to enter into unilateral talks on North Korea's nukes. They quoted Bush as saying that one of the reasons is that North Korea doesn't have a transparent government.

Huh? George W. Bush criticizing another leader for not being transparent enough is like Courtney Love calling someone unstable. Seriously, why the hell is Bush so against sitting down with Kim Jong Il without China, Japan and the other cool kids at the table? Is he worried that everyone else will start to think that America's a geek for hanging out with North Korea?

We need someone to restore our national sanity. We need someone to show us the way. Fortunately, Superman Returns tomorrow.

*HE* drops trou and says, "Go for it."

There is your less sexist analogy.

And I don't even want to go into the psychology that would cause that event to come to pass.
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