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Monday, June 12, 2006


The Wigbag

I'm doing a bit of cleaning in our bedroom today and I came across a problem that I'm sure many people have: what do I do with the bag of wigs?

We don't have all that much closet space, and we've been keeping the wigbag under the bed. The problem with that is that, much like the overhead bins on an airplane, items sometimes shift under the bed and the wigbag will spill out from under, often catching us by surprise as we step on it. Stepping on the wigbag is a little disconcerting and you're never exactly sure at first just what the fuck you've got your foot on.

So what I've tried to do this time is to make sure the wigbag is securely in the center of the underbed space, blocked in on all sides by luggage or Halloween decorations, making absolutely certain that it's not going to jump out and frighten us.

I look forward to that day in the murky future when we have a home with enough storage space that we don't have to keep anything--including the wigbag--under the bed. My wife, I'm fairly certain, simply wishes that her husband wasn't the type of person who insists on keeping a bag of wigs.

Unless you have a garage to store the wigbag, you shouldn't be allowed to keep a bag full of wigs.
(just wanted to let you know, I'm turning my son into a They Might Be Giants fan. he loves Istanbul and Twisting the best so far)
I think you should put them, still in bag, on a stick, out in your yard. Or if you're in an apartment, hang them from your window. Let everyone know you're the proud owner of a wigbag.
Law of Sketch Comedy Troupes: Keep the bag of wigs, you never know when they'll come in handy, and, good luck trying to replace them in case you need that type again.
Beigey, don't you worry. I'm a-keepin' the wigs.

CL, have you bought TMBG's two children's albums? They're called NO! and Here Come the ABCs. They both kick child-size ass, although I'm a bit fonder of the second one.

RW, Google! (Now YOU'RE it! I love Internet tag!)

Brennon, I live in NYC. If I hung my wigs out the window, in the filthy New York air, they'd all end up as dreds.
How about stowing them in one of those under-bed plastic bins?

Sheesh. That's the most sensible thing I've written all week...
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