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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hope I Die Before I Get (Three Hundred Years) Old

Atul at Things I've Noticed is writing this morning about immortality. Not so much in the sci-fi, Vandal Savage sense of the word, but more in the "this shit could happen" sense.

Now, I personally think immortality would probably suck. Unless you're Dorian Gray-ing it and staying perpetually young, you'll be spending the bulk of your long, long life as a jogging-suit-wearing, bingo-playing resident of Sun City, Arizona. And, while that wouldn't be bad for a couple of decades, I'm thinking it would really start to suck when you hit the fiftieth anniversary of your first set of dentures.

Besides, we are meant to die. It's part and parcel with the whole living thing. It's natural. It's not a bad thing. So I don't see how putting it off an extra century is a great idea.

Go on over and let Atul know what you think.