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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"Posting on my Blog"

I wound up--never mind how--on the Wikipedia page that has slang terms for masturbation. It's awesome. I recommend that everyone go and look at it right now. For anyone too lazy to click the link, here are some that I really love:
  • white water wristing
  • stroking Gandalf's beard
  • having a mastie
  • punching the munchkin
  • double-clicking the mouse
  • chafing the yard
  • killing Tony Danza
  • jostling the elder
  • strumming the one-string banjo
  • writing in your journal
  • and my favorite: having a conversation with James Lipton
It's true that you can make almost anything sound like a euphemism for jacking it, but I think that these are especially creative. And I have absolutely no idea how "killing Tony Danza" applies to the topic, but goddamn, I love it.

LOL too funny. I love "having a conversation with James Lipton". Good find. I don't care how you got there. I don't judge.
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