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Friday, July 28, 2006


Support Our Troops (as long as they don't fuck guys)

This story makes absolutely no fucking sense to me. An Army translator--one of the absolutely precious, most decidedly necessary kind who speaks Arabic--was kicked out of the service because he's gay. How in the name of Charo's plastic surgery have we not gotten past this shit by now? Seriously, we have a desperate need right now to have specialists in the armed forces who can speak the language of the people whose acts of violence are the justification for all the ramping up we've done, but we've kicked out, according to a story on, fifty-five of them because of who they sleep with. Sweet merciful pasta-making Jesus, that's stupid.

This is the 21st century. Wouldn't you think that, by now, we'd be at least marginally more intelligent than to think that homosexuality is a liability that completely undermines someone's desire to serve their country? Were they worried that he wouldn't be able to translate properly because he'd have a dick in his mouth? I just don't get it. I don't get how gays can still be discriminated against. Legally.

I remember well when Don't Ask, Don't Tell was implemented as policy. I remember because Bill Clinton had been elected after promising to work towards a number of fantastically progressive ideas, like universal health care and gay rights. And then he caved and we wound up with this crappy, massively retarded way of handling things and we've been stuck with it ever since.

I suppose we should be glad that Bush and his vampires haven't had the opportunity to roll things back even further, maybe make it standard to have gay soldiers taken out and stoned.

About one in ten people in the country are gay. That's a big chunk of people. No matter what your feeling on homosexuality, I don't see how anyone could argue that it's a good idea to bar ten percent of Americans from serving just because of who they'd jack off to when away from their sweetheart.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell doesn't work. It's yet another goddamn example of Separate But Equal that this country tries to put forth as fair when applied to homosexuals. And it's high time we scrapped it in favor Don't Give a Shit, Doesn't Matter.

Whoo whoo!! Well said Joe!
Amen, brother...
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