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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dan Savage Kicks Ass

Don over at Everything in Moderation uses his Roundtable post this week to discuss what's going on with my favorite advice columnist.

Dan Savage, long-time columnist in--and now editor of--Seattle alterna-weekly The Stranger, has been using his column a lot more often lately to discuss political issues which are important to him (and to anyone with a pulse, really). After last week's column, in which he dealt with a Washington State court ruling that refused to support gay marriage, a bunch of whiny readers sent him letters upbraiding him for diverting attention away from his usual kink.

Head on over to Don's site, take a look at what he's got to say, then voice your own opinion. If you're at all reasonable, you'll agree with my comment. If you're an asshole, feel free to disagree all you want.