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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Mas Musica

Well, it seems to be Music Day here at Hairshirt. Not only did I drone on for multiple paragraphs about opera, but now I'm sending you over to Metaphor Voodoo for this week's Roundtable, wherein Ms. Serena X asks a question about what makes a song good.

Personally, I think the only thing a song needs to be good is to be sung by Britney Spears. What a talent!

Anyway, go on over to Metaphor Voodoo and deliver unto Serena your opinion.

Quick note: Ever since coming up with the title for my last post, I literally cannot stop myself from singing, "Oh Bwoomhilda, you're so wuvwy" and then answering myself with "Yes, I know it. I can't help it!" Damn y0u, Chuck Jones!

Dammit, Joe . . . Look what you made me do!! Never give me an opportunity to make lists or theorize about music, unless you're thoroughly prepared to accept the consequences.
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