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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Bike Lanes=Good, Fat Laziness=Bad

I just heard, on my local NPR station, that New York City will, over the next three years, be home to an additional 200 miles of bike lanes. I think this is a fantastic idea, on a number of levels, and here's why:

First, any city that encourages bike travel is encouraging fewer cars on the road, which is nice for the environment. Second, if it was easier to bike places in town without worrying about semis being two inches away from me, perhaps--just perhaps--I'd be more likely to get off my fat ass and use my bike instead of just hopping on the train.

I love biking. I've only been doing it for about five years, but I love it. It's a little like flying, when you're zipping down a hill with the air blowing through your helmet. It's that rare thing that's both a practical way to get someplace and a form of exercise.

But my bike tends to sit for long stretches of time, unused, because I'm such a wuss about biking on crowded city streets. Now, rationally, I know that New York drivers, aggressive as they might be, are generally competent and will not run you over if you don't fuck up and weave into their path. But, on streets without a bike lane, it's still a little unnerving to have cabs riding up right on your ass.

So I applaud an increase in bike lanes heartily. Now, if we can get them to install giant television screens in the park, I might go running as often as I ought to. Let's hope they get to work on that soon.

If they put giant television screens in the parks I'd be tan. Not more in shape, by any means, because I'm one lazy mother fucker, but I'd be tan.

Ok, I'm already tan. Whatever. Go ride your bike and quit judging me.
I couldn't agree more with your views and with this move by NYC. Here in Motown, I have to carefully plot my bikerides because many streets are not conducive to bikeriding. The worst part is when I have to drive my bike somewhere to go for a nice ride. It also doesn't help that there are no places to park bikes for use in running errands.
It is fantastic that NYC is expanding its bike lanes. I understand that other cities have implemented free bike programs--to varying success.

I think all city planners should seriously consider more bike lanes. It's a wonderful idea. And free bikes? That would rock. But probably won't happen.
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