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Friday, September 08, 2006


[insert snoring sounds here]

And so the first week of school comes to a close. I am drained. I am drained like a keg at a frat party. This was not, mind you, a bad week. Yes, things are disorganized. We got our schedule right before work on Tuesday and it's been changed every single day and we still don't have the finalized copy. But I can cope with that. And, yes, I had to deal with all of the classes that I bitched about last year, complete with kids that call me "Gringo" or ask if my wife has left me yet. But I had these kids last year and I can work around all that. (Plus, they've been mostly okay for these first few days.)

No, it's not been that bad a week, but it's still been exhausting. It could be that I just got too used to not having to fucking work. It could be that it's just always tiring dealing with kids at the beginning of the year. Whatever the hell it is, I'm feeling it.

So, after this brief little bitch session, I'm gonna go pass out for a little while. Have a pleasant evening. Or don't; at this point I can't care that much.