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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Is Being Forced to Watch a Jimmy Fallon Movie Torture?

I've been doing a lot of thinking this week about the Bush administration and politics in general. I've been doing this thinking because I'm seeing Bush all over the goddamn place and he inevitably makes me want to chuck a brick at the television.

His Rose Garden press conference this week was a prime example of why I loathe this guy. He seems to be utterly incapable of summoning up any sort of actual answer to a question. He just dives immediately back to his talking points and repeats those ad nauseum until the bad, bad reporters go away. And this fucking strategy of blaming Congress for torture? What the hell kind of schizoid logic is that? We're torturing people because the Geneva Convention is too vague? That's akin to saying, "Well, the law doesn't tell me exactly how many nuns I'm not allowed to blow up, so I had to go ahead and explode a van-full."

Now he's huffing and puffing and saying that, if his program isn't passed, we'll just stop interrogating prisoners at all. I would sincerely love to see him try that. I'd love to see him go into full-blown tantrum mode and, lip quivering on national TV, tell the country that, since we wouldn't do it his way, we won't do it at all. Then he could call us big mean meanies and stomp off to cry into his pillow.

Seriously, the Geneva convention outlaws torture and degrading treatment. Now, while I agree that it doesn't specifically say "You can't strip a prisoner naked and paint pictures of Mickey Mouse on his testicles with an airbrush," I don't think it takes a fucking rocket science to know when you've fallen into the degradation/torture end of the scale. Anyone claiming to need clearer boundaries has already stepped over them.

So part of me is glad that McCain and Warner and other republicans are stepping up here and opposing the mouthbreather-in-chief on this one. But there's another part of me that worries that this is all a big ol' Rovian plot to win the November elections.

Think about it: GOP candidates clearly can't win by sticking with Georgie B. He's like fucking rat poison in your soup to a re-election campaign. So maybe, just maybe, Rove and the other guiding lights of the party have arranged for Bush to toss something at them that they can fight against, so it doesn't look like they're quite so much of a rubber stamp. They keep the House and Senate, business goes right back to normal after the swearing-in. Personally, I think that sounds a little scarily plausible. I'd be much more at ease if all the fellas on the right were still tap dancing to Bush's beat.

'Cause let's face it, it ain't like the democrats are putting on their own spectacular floor show. They're still keeping really quiet right now, hoping that Americans will vote for them by default. Sweet tooth-brushing Jesus, I can't wait until this administration is out of fucking office.

"Sweet tooth-brushing Jesus." LOL

Thank you, I needed that...
Great. I'll be crying myself to sleep tonight, thank you.
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