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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Old, Bald and Tired

So my wife and I did, indeed, get to see Andre Agassi play today. And it was a heartbreaker.

You could tell from the start of the match that he wasn't feeling in top shape. And then, in the third set, it was obvious just how little he had left in him.

I managed to keep from tearing up when he gave his goodbye speech after the match, but I was one of the few.

I mostly just felt bad for his opponent, Benjamin Becker. Can you imagine how bad it must suck to have a stadium full of people who want to see you lose? I mean, it would be bad enough if you were, say, the Red Sox coming to Yankee Stadium. Then, you're definitely in enemy territory, but at least you've got the rest of your team with you and you can look at it as an Us vs Them situation. But Becker was alone out there, with the crowd cheering when he hit a shot into the net; with constant shouts of "Andre!" Not once did I hear anybody yell, "Becker!" I did my best to help him out once by yelling, "Cheese!" I figured that it was one shout that was, at least, neutral.

And so an era has come to a close. No more Agassi. Now, we can all carry on rooting against Nadal. (At least I will.)

Hi Joe! I have also written about this game. B. Becker, I still have to laugh about this.
After today's results, I'm sure you're pleased Nadal is out.
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