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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Hey...This Isn't What I Was Looking For

I don't normally write posts about Google searches that lead people to Hairshirt, mostly because I don't like admitting that I look at that shit, but also because it's rarely as interesting to other people as it is to the blogger.

But today, I'm a little tickled that my October 25th Virgo horoscope insulting viewers of Live! with Regis and Kelly brought so many people to my site:
Virgo: Finally, after a long, long year of waiting, you get to see what Regis & Kelly dress up as on their special Halloween show. You kind of creep me out, by the way.
Welcome, chowderheads!

Hey there, Mr. Wack.

I just want to point out that if you search for "Barry Popik molest," that Hairshirt is a prominent hit on that search as well.

I promise to do my best to molest as many underpriveleged youth as my pygmy pecker can handle in 2007, so that it might drive more traffic to your amazingly funny website.

Yours in the blood of the innoncent,
Barry, you silver-tongued devil. Great to hear from you.
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