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Monday, October 02, 2006


Tempus Fugit

It's Yom Kippur and, while I'm not required to atone for anything (the Agnostics' Handbook states quite clearly that we don't have to apologize for anything short of puking on a friend's new carpet), I do have the day off.

Which should probably equal doing something really fun or giving in to a full day of sloth. But I'm not doing either, because I feel guilty if I don't use time off to do something at least sort of productive. So I ran errands this morning and I'm about to start in on a huge pile of dishes, after which I'll put together my grocery list for this week and, if I have time, get to work on the laundry.

I really dislike myself sometimes. And I miss my early twenties, when I would look at a day off as a nice opportunity to get high and watch all three Star Wars movies in a row or something equally irresponsible.

In fact, I might just force myself to do something about this. I might pick up my phone and see if anyone's available to play an hour or so of frisbee. And I'll let my laundry continue to ferment in its own filth.

(Of course, somebody could make the point that it's somewhat ironic to spend twenty minutes writing a blog about how you don't waste time. And they'd have a point, I suppose.)

You never dissapoint to amuse me Joe. I hope your holiday was a nice one.
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