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Saturday, October 21, 2006


'Tis Not the Goddamn Season

Out with my wife this morning and we stopped in at Gracious Home, which is a houseware place on the Upper West Side. I like the place; they've got a great kitchen section and they stock cleaners I like. Plus, they're not a giant nation-wide chain like Bed, Bath & Beyotch, so I like to support them when I can.

This morning, a full ten days before Halloween, Gracious Home put up their Christmas Decorations. I love Jesus as much as the next agnostic, but come on. October 21st? It's ridiculous. We haven't even had any fucking frost, for god's sake.

And y'know what's even worse than them putting this crap up early? Well, I'll tell you: I liked a lot of it and it kind of got me excited about Christmas. They had a neat glass ornament in the shape of the Empire State Building. Goddammit.