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Sunday, January 07, 2007


I (Heart) My iPod

Blogging on three glasses of wine here, so I can't guarantee any respectable level of wit or spelling. I'm sitting here, as I've been for large portions of the day, uploading music to my new iPod. Sweet merciful Jesus, I love this thing. I've got discs that I haven't listened to in years that I'm hearing now because I'm putting them on this thing.

I've got friends--and you know who you are, Deni--who are vehemently anti-iPod, because they hang onto the need to physically own music. And I empathize, because I felt that way for a long, long time.

But I'm now a full-blown convert. I fucking love the fact that I can go to cheap foreign websites and download entire albums that I wouldn't normally spend the $18 on just because someone says I should check them out. I adore the ability to have every piece of music I hold dear in one spot, without all the fuss of walking to the CD rack.

I fully acknowledge the nightmare possibility that we'll all end up enslaved to our technology and we'll be assimilated by killer cyborgs because we've grown too dependent on them. But I still fucking love my iPod.

Yay, Apple!

just don't get out of the habit of listening to albums at a time. i found myself skipping from song to song. i kind of force myself to do it.

also, the public library's a great source for cd's to rip.
and get an external drive to back everything up with.

Prego, I'm still curious as to what happened with your system...
See, this is what happens when I don't read your blog for a couple of days (I've been wallowing in my own self-centered depression, see my recent post for more on that pity party), I miss when I've been publicly dissed.

For the record, yes, I like having album cover art and a real CD to play. I also like going to record stores and browsing. Though, god knows I've ordered off Amazon because record stores today seem to have something against carrying Robyn Hitchcock albums, just like bookstores don't seem to want to stock the new Billy Bragg book.

BUT, the main reason I don't have any real interest in the iPod is, and I know some people don't believe this, the sound quality is not as good as a portable CD player. And the big memory in those things only hold a gazillion songs or whatever if you store them in mp3 format, which is an inferior way of recording and/or encoding audio files. If you want to listen to your music in a good format like .wav, the iPod holds about 1/10th of the songs.

That's why I don't really want an iPod.

That, and because Steve Jobs is just fucking creepy.
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