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Thursday, January 25, 2007


No, Not Ian Ziering

Prego is hosting Roundtable this week and has an appeal to the vanity in all of us.

Who would you have play You in the Movie of Your Life? Now, I realize that most of us would prefer to be prettied up and played by your Will Smiths, your Eva Mendeseses or your Johnny Depps. I gotta say, however, that I'm pretty sure the only person they could get to play someone as insignificant as myself would be someone along the lines of Three's Company's Richard Kline.

*deep weary sigh*

Anyway, head on over to Rustbelt Ramblings and tell Papa Prego who you want embodying you when your story makes it to the Big Screen. And remember: I've got dibs on Richard Kline.

dude, now I can't not see it.
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