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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Connor MacCleod...of the Clan MacCleod

Carol, of Feeling Peevish, is taking a look at immortality today.

I'm gonna say right here and now that I don't want to live forever. I just don't. Can you imagine how many shitty sitcoms you'd have to sit through if you had never died? How many lame political campaigns? How many cases of diarrhea? Ye gods, the mind just boggles.

Plus, as Highlander has shown us, if you're immortal, there's always gonna be someone gunning for you, trying to prove they can kill the unkillable dude. Who wants the agitation of that?

No, no. Much better that I continue to age normally, along with my wife, as both of us continue to feel increasingly isolated from today's youth culture and periodically get depressed about the fact that we never stay out all night anymore and that MTV leaves us tired and confused. Your eternal youth you can keep.

But don't let my embrace of crotchitude be the last word you read on the subject today. Head on over to Feeling Peevish and sound off on the Fountain of Youth, clone-grown replacement organs and Oil of Olay.