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Friday, February 23, 2007


A Crazy, Mixed-Up World

Sometimes, it's hard to know where to stand, isn't it? You're thinking things are one way, and then you find out they're another. Good God.

I wrote awhile back about my friend, Marc Andreyko, who writes a comic for DC called Manhunter. At the time I was writing--this was about nine months back--he'd just found out that his book had been cancelled, which truly sucked spectacular amounts of ass, as it's a really good book. Then, there was a fairytale ending, when the powers-that-be at DC decided to grant the book a reprieve for at least five issues, thanks to a loud outcry from fans. It really restored my faith in humanity.

Said faith was then destroyed a few months later, when DC announced that, no, the book was going to be canceled after the five issue extension. I was bummed, both for my friend and because I genuinely like the book.

Now, it looks like DC is changing their minds yet again. Which is awesome. I'm thrilled for Marc and happy that it looks like the book is going to be around for some time to come.

But at the same time, I'm a little annoyed that they keep swinging back and forth on this. I hate when the world does this to you: when you find out something bad and go through your mourning and make your peace with it, only to get the joyful news that the bad news was in error, sending your spirits soaring again, which is when someone breaks it to you that, no, the bad news was the correct news and someone in accounting just made an error.

It's a little similar to my sister's pregnancy.

I may not have mentioned before, but my big sister is having a baby. She felt awkward telling us, because of our troubles in that department. (The fact that people have to feel awkward telling you their good news is another rant in and of itself. But I digress.) Once she spilled the beans, however, we've been thrilled and anxiously anticipating the arrival of what was originally described as my nephew.

My sister had been hoping for a boy, so the initial news was welcome. Then, when she had her ultrasound a month or so ago, they told her that there'd been a mix-up and that she was having a girl. Which was fine, but she'd gotten used to the idea that it was a boy. After a short while, she adjusted, got enthusiastic about having a daughter and started buying pink clothes and girly nursery decorations.

So, of course, this week's ultrasound showed that she was, in fact, having a boy. The nurses quite clearly saw a penis. The doctor was fetched and he concurred. Then they checked the records, which appeared to have contained a typo. So, boy. Again.

See? You get used to thinking about things one way and then they just flip shit around. And so today I am demanding--demanding!--that some of this stuff not change anymore.

DC has uncancelled Marc's book and it goddamn better stay uncancelled. My sister is having a baby boy and, I'm telling you, if that kid comes out without testicles, the doctors are going to answer to me.

Ya hear that, world? I'm putting you on notice! So says I.