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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Electricity, E-lec-tricity!

I'm having a difficult time at the moment, because this week's Roundtable, hosted by Suzanne, is all about pleasures and I am currently all about being fucking annoyed. And this isn't a source of annoyance that I can immediately do a whole lot about.

For some reason, static electricity has been a major issue for me this winter. A couple of months back, I thought the problem had to do with the cheap-ass earphones I was using. I learned I was mistaken when my wife got me a brand new iPod--with brand new earbuds--and I was still getting shocked. Listening to music while folding clothes has been especially problematic.

But it's not just the earshock thing. My hair seems to have become electrified. It's a little long right now and tends to hang down in my eyes if I don't make other arrangements. And I'd expect that, in the winter, the problem I'd have would be cold breezes whipping my hair all around. Instead, I've been having issues with my hair getting staticky and sticking to my head in odd swirly patterns.

It's annoying as fucking hell, because, even when I try to brush it back where it's supposed to be, it statics right on back. Yaaargh! I want to rip my fucking hair out!

Anyway, head on over to Perfecting the Fine Art of Procrastination and tell Suzanne about your most indulgent behaviors.

NOTE: The above picture is not of me. I do really dig his fashion sense, though.

Static-y hair = no Harishirt horoscope :(

Quelle dommage!

How will I know what to do or who to kill??
and apparently without a HAIRSHIRT horoscope, I lose my ability to type and spell, as well...

I'm DOOoooooooooomed!
Rip it out.

Might make a cool blog. ;)

One word: humidifier. I can't live without one in winter.
Your just to clean! Let a little oil build up
I have the static thing going on this winter, too. I can't talk on the phone and fold clothes. My ear piece shocks me. As for your hair, put some product in it! Gel, hairspray, finishing creme, anything will help.
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