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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Meet the Parents

So the horoscope will be out tomorrow. I had no time to write it tonight, as I was stuck in parent-teacher conferences. Sweet lipstick-blotting Christ, I hate parent-teacher conference day.

It's not so much the conferences themselves, which can actually be quite nice. It's the fact that I have to be in the school until seven fucking thirty at night. Now, I realize that the general perception is that teachers have the sweetest schedule possible and I will admit that I have little to bitch about, schedule-wise, when you compare my job to that of, say, a garbage man or a hooker.

Still, dealing with middle school students all day and then sitting around all evening waiting for their parents to show up so you can tell them what maniacs their kids are really blows.

Highlights of my evening:
  • The student who had failed the majority of his other classes, but was getting a B+ in my theater arts class. (I got to send him out with a smile when he'd come in sobbing.)
  • The girl who failed my class because she sits around with her friends every day talking and tells me to get out of her face when I tell her to get to work. (She left the room nearly crying.)
  • Leaving.
And, of course, the best thing about parent-teacher conferences is that tomorrow I will be utterly exhausted and have to drag my ass through a full day of teaching when I was there half the goddamn evening.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the wonderful afghan I crocheted while waiting for parents to get around to seeing their kids' theater teacher. It's oh so pretty.

i was thinking to myself, "self? why do you have a favorite link called hairshirt that you don't recall saving?"

well, i still don't recall saving it, but i'm glad i did. i needed a laugh today, and found it here. it's like being among friends. sure, they are semi-bitter, articulate, long-distance friends who range between dorky, through mildly amusing, and on to rib-cracking hysterical, but good friends.

thanks for the window into your world, joe. i'll have to take a peek more often; even if it is to remind myself that at least someone has picked up the torch of great writing and carried it on.

Hey Dan, glad you stopped by. I'm sorry to hear you needed a laugh today, but I'm glad you chose blogs over, say, crack.

I was thinking about you a few months back when I wrote a piece on Journey's "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)".
Sounds like you get a huge kick out of making children cry. I say More Power To Ya.
I don't get a kick out of making kids cry. I get a kick out of knowing that the shit they pull in my class comes back at 'em.
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