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Monday, March 26, 2007


That Darn Congress

You have to wonder where the hell the respect is in Washington these days. Take, for example, the sad, sad spectacle of what the left-wing press and those turd-burglarizing commies who've taken over congress are doing to a noble and righteous man like Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Now, despite not being Caucasian, A.G. Gonzales has bravely served the American people by doing whatever he needed to do to justify whatever George W. Bush wanted to do. You can't ask more of an Attorney General than that, now can you? I truly believe that if the President wanted to find a way for him to legally hunt and kill old people and wear their skin as a suit, Mr. Gonzales has the legal expertise to locate the precise loophole that would allow Bush to do just that. How can you help but admire that kind of keen legal mind, especially when it's given the administration the maneuvering room to accomplish the kind of spectacular success they've achieved in the War on Terror?

But is that good enough for the 'Fraidy-Crats? No. They can't just sit back and admire the greatest legal mind since Johnny Cochran. They have to piss and moan, "Oh no! The Justice Department fired some no-good attorneys who didn't want to smear democrats! Boo-hoo!" Why don't you get a real job, Congress? Stop stepping all over the President's toes.

Nope, Nancy Balonsi and her mafiosi are pulling poor, noble Alberto in front of congress and making him testify...under oath! What the hell is wrong with these people? Don't they realize that Mr. Gonzalez and the President have had privileged conversations? What if the President and A.G. were talking about a surprise party for George Bush, Sr.? Then Gonzalez has to testify under oath and some butt-pirate liberal congressman asks him about that particular conversation and Alberto has to blurt out the party plans in front of the whole Washington press corps. Party's ruined then, isn't it? These are the things that the liberalatti just don't stop to think about.

Let's face it, this country is never going to live up to its fullest potential until the Executive branch is given carte blanch to do whatever it takes to Get the Job Done. Period. (Unless a Democrat wins in the next election, in which case congressional oversight becomes a good thing.)