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Sunday, April 22, 2007


My Nephew Riley

Sweet merciful Jesus, this is a cute kid. A few weeks early, but doing just fine. He is insanely cute and both the wife and I think he's the cat's meow, the bee's knee's and the old guy from the 1920's analogies. I bought him a Cleveland Indians onesie (you can't start the indoctrination too early) and, as soon as he's old enough to hold things for an extended period, I'm gonna get him reading comic books. I'm gonna be the uncle about which he says, "Oh, Christ, Uncle Joe's coming over? He's gonna do the 'Pull my finger' gag...again!" This is going to be fun.

He's just lovely. And well done on the onesie, Uncle Joe.
Stinkin'. Cute.
If you are going to start using words like "onesie" I just don't think we can hang out anymore.
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