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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Snow Miser Can Kiss My Ass

This is just not right. I'm a little pissed off, to be truthful. It's fucking snowing. It's snowing on April 5th, three days before Easter.

It's Spring, goddammit! You shouldn't have snow in goddamn Spring!

Now, I know that these things happen. I know that it's just a tiny bit of snow and it's not going to stick and I should just resign myself and get over it.

But I'm on Spring Break, dammit. I should be able to go to the park and play a little frisbee if I want to. I should be able to walk around in flip-flops. I should not have to look out my window and see white flakes falling from the sky. And yet I do.

Son of a bitch.

This is our payback for having a glorious 70-degree day for Frisbee in the park in the middle of December.

I had already said farewell to the snow back in March. It's like saying goodbye to a friend, and dealing with those feelings, but then running into her the next day at the gas station because she hasn't really left town yet, she just TOLD you she was leaving town because she knows you want to be more than friends, but imagines that you're a lousy kisser and a limpdick. Well, it's not really like that at all, I guess.

Anyway, since it's back, I'm going to go out and play in the snow this afternoon! Get out there and enjoy snow Frisbee, Joe! Make that call to Deni! Snow makes for cushiony diving!
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