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Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm Pot for Teacher

This is just wrong, people. Seriously, seriously wrong.

Apparently, a 31-year-old teacher in California is in deep, deep guano after the parents of a 14-year-old student at the junior high where she works accused her of smoking pot with their child. And I have to say, if she goes to jail for this, it'll be a goddamn travesty of justice.

First off, it's California. You can't not smoke pot in California. The weed is just so cheap and plentiful that it's practically a crime if you don't spark up every now and again. My grandma would've been blowing bong hits left and right if she'd lived there.

Secondly, do I seriously need to point out here that this lady teaches in a junior high? You've gotta do something to make your life tolerable when you're dealing with seventh/eighth graders all frigging day. Personally, I stash delicious homemade cream puffs all over the building so that I'm never more than a few steps away from a delicious pick-me-up. But, hey, one teacher's cream puff is another teacher's blunt.

Additionally, has no one considered that this is actually a touching example of a teacher trying to bond with a student? Maybe this kid was a problem in class; throwing paper, playing with a cell phone, hitting other kids with a ruler. Many teachers try to deal with behaviors like this by coming up with a reward system, something like, "three days of good behavior in a row and you get pizza." So maybe this kid was just really, really good. Maybe this teacher had finally achieved a break-through with her student.

But, no. In this era of No Child Left Behind, when standardized test scores are all that fucking matter, we're willing to assume the worst about a teacher who was thinking outside the box.

Well, I say, "Bravo, teacher!" If it's helping your students, you smoke all the goddamn chronic you can get your hands on. Just as long as you don't sleep with them.

I agree wholeheartedly.
Let's send flowers.
Dammit. I live in California. Where's all this plentiful weed you speak of? :(
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