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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Bush: Just Shy of Fascism?

Jesus fart-huffing Christ. This is getting so abso-goddamn-lutely sickening.

So the latest example of Bush pissing all over the constitution goes a little something like this: Congress subpoenaed Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and former White House Counsel Harriet "Name Withdrawn" Miers. The White House is saying that Bolton and Miers are exempt from having to testify. Because they are/were presidential advisers and everything that's said to the president has to be kept super, super secrety.

I was thinking about all this this morning in the shower and it hit me that the Bush administration resembles nothing so much as that one asshole kid who used to live in your neighborhood. You know the one I'm talking about; the kid who, when you and your friends would play shoot 'em up, would always deny that your shot hit him and inform you, furthermore, that he'd just invented a bullet-proof invisible shield and he'd just gained super-hypnosis powers so everyone else was now his slave.

See the rules, as they exist, apparently don't apply to George. Lo, he hath ascended to the right hand of God and he now rules o'er us all; we are subservient to his least whims.

This is getting fucking dangerous and scary. We need to send the Dog Whisperer in there to make this son of a bitch heel. 'Cause the Democrats sure as hell don't seem to be having any effect whatsoever.

Joe, I thought of you today when I saw this:

I didn't know if you'd seen it, thought you'd maybe find it interesting.
Yup. FOX News: We Take a Big Steaming Dump on the Truth, You Decide.
you're funny, joe.
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