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Friday, July 06, 2007


But Without The Cool Stretchy Powers

Short and to the point, folks: I fucked up. I was trimming my beard with my handy Norelco Beard-Master 9000. It's been awhile since my last haircut, so my sideburns were also looking a mite sloppy. I decided I'd do a little work on those, too.

But I'm not a barber. I don't have the kind of precise trimming skills of someone who's studied the tonsorial arts. So I ended up basically hacking the sideburns off completely, giving me the vague appearance of a Kim Jong Il wannabe.

Worse still, with the 'burns as short as they are, all that grey at my temples is much, much more noticeable, so I'm also kind of looking like Mr. Fantastic.

So the formula for my new look is something like this: + = ME

Sad, sad, sad.

That just means that you're Kim Jong Fantastic, and there's nothing wrong with that!
Last I heard,
Kim Jong Il = Sexypants

I really need to find new non-pro fascist dictator websites. isn't doing it for me so much anymore.
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