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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Let's Lose Our Hearing!

I'm not a crowd person. Put me in a room that's packed wall-to-wall with people--stepping on each other's toes, spilling drinks on each other's shirts and wafting their body odor into each other's nostrils--and I will do my best to be in that room for as little time as humanly possible.

For this reason, I've never been a huge concert-goer. I love music and I'm always impressed when I see a good band live, but it so very often in my life just hasn't been worth the sardinian crowd experience just to listen to some songs I have on tape (or vinyl or disc or my iPod).

Maybe this has to do with the fact that my very first concert-going experience was an AC/DC show at the Richfield Coliseum. I don't love AC/DC. They're okay. Never one of my favorites, though. I went to see them because a whole bunch of my friends were going to see them and I had access to a car and they asked me to go. That shit was loud. Our seats, if memory serves, were right by the canons they fired off during "For Those About to Rock". Loud.

I then went to see Aerosmith, a band I utterly worshipped in high school. This was Permanent Vacation-era Aerosmith, so they were off heroin but still had enough residual drugs in their system that they hadn't started completely sucking. (Seriously, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was enough to make me forget how very much "Sweet Emotion" rocked.) It was a good show. Guns N' Roses opened for them. But I took a girl I was semi-dating at the time and she (being more of a Depeche Mode fan) was not happy and not shy about saying so, often.

After that awful twintroduction to concert-going, I have not lead a life filled with live music.

Things have been a little different since I moved to New York, though. See, everybody plays here. Which means that bands I'm seriously into are coming through town all the time.

Which brings me to this summer. There are so many concerts this summer that I really want to see. And the great thing is that half of them are goddamn free. I'm going to see New Pornographers tomorrow with tickets that cost me nothing! The Decemberists and Neko Case are playing (separate) concerts in Central Park this month. TV on the Radio is doing a free show in Brooklyn. They Might Be Giants are playing four Wednesday nights in a row at the Bowery Ballroom. Not for free, but not that pricey, either. I can't afford to see Fountains of Wayne, because they're playing with Squeeze at a venue where the cheapest ticket is more than my currently tiny wallet can afford, but there's so many other cool show that I'm not sobbing big gobby tears over it.

There's no real point to all of this about which I'm writing. Except maybe to thumb my nose at everyone and sing out with a "Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah! I'm going to these concerts!" So, to all my friends living in, say, Oklahoma City: Enjoy the Toby Keith show.