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Monday, July 02, 2007


News Flash: Giant Douche Receives Get Out of Jail Free Card

Unfair. Totally unfair. How are White House staffers going to learn not to commit legal and ethical violations if there are no consequences to their illegal and unethical actions?

Allow me to make a suggestion: Libby does no jail time. Fine. What's done is done and he doesn't have to actually go behind bars. But I think he'd really learned his lesson if they sent a felon over to his house to beat the shit out of him once a week. And if a little anal rape happens while the felon is there, I think we should consider it part of the commuted sentence.

So congratulations, Scooter. You giant fucking douche.

You know they tried to sneak this one by. Putin in ME, bombings in GB, and July 4th weekend ='s perfect timing for a ridiculous move.
I'm so pissed off about this hat I'm speechless.

Though I will say his- any other country in the world would have tried to oust their "leader" if they did 1/10 of what our douche-in-chief has done.
Why are we not rioting in the streets?
Oh yeah, we're too tired and lazy from McDonalds and Video Games.
Silly me.
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